CES hotel rooms needed…

Whew, harder to find than an Xbox, an iPod, or a Nikon D200 is a decently priced hotel room in Las Vegas during CES week. Anyone know of any deals? Cheapest I could find on a cursory search is New York New York for $349 per night. For Vegas! Damn, that reminds me of Comdex week.

EU Vice-President tells tech companies to remember its corporate responsibility

Interesting blog from the European Commission’s Vice-President. She calls on Microsoft (and Yahoo and Google)┬áto behave better in dealings in China and not sell human rights down the tube. I’m with her, but think it’s a much more complicated issue than she’s letting on (as I’ve said before, in posts that got me quite a bit of negative feedback and also were quoted in the Wall Street Journal). When I was at the Global Voices conference I had some interesting discussions about the issue with Sharon Hom, executive director of the Human Rights in China organization. Someday I’d love to do a podcast with her, she was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met — she gave me a lot of feedback about how difficult the position is over there and how to work toward getting China’s citizens the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States.