Oh, my, Xbox 360 on HDTV just rocks

Holy f**k.

I usually don’t get so effusive, but I had never seen Xbox 360 on a big HDTV screen before. Unbelieveable.

If you get an invite over to Chris’ house to see his setup take it.

Brandon Paddock is showing us around Call of Duty right now. More later. The detail. The subwoofer. The experience.

Here’s a picture of me standing next to Chris’ screen.

Halley and Mitch say conferences “all the same”

Mitch Ratcliffe says he doesn’t go to conferences anymore cause they are all the same. Hmmm, I’ve been to a ton of conferences lately and while some are the same, many are quite different. The audience and speakers (other than me) were totally different at the IT Forum and Les Blogs and Global Voices conferences I visited in Europe. Maybe they just need to go to different conferences? And what would a conference be without seeing Halley?