The pictures don’t do it justice

I just talked to Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords. He just finished a drive through the Katrina hurricane zone to visit Ernie the Attorney. He sent me a photo this morning of Ernie standing in front of a house. On the house was a horizontal line. The water line.

He told me the pictures just don’t even start to communicate how bad conditions are there for people. He said he had people pleading with him to get more people to come and visit New Orleans and see it for themselves (and help).

That line, it is oppressive in pictures. Dave Winer’s pictures show the line too.

Buzz told me that Ernie drove him for miles. Around every turn he expected it to get better, but it just kept getting worse. He told me nothing on TV or any pictures prepared him for the devastation he saw.

When we were talking I wondered what we haven’t seen of the Tsunami. There’s only so much devastation we can take. Only so much human suffering we can comprehend.

On the other hand, humor is still evident in this Fema Help Desk. New entrepreneurs are apparently springing up.

Thanks Dave and Buzz!