Clare Dillon, Microsoft’s Irish superstar

After I met Clare Dillon in Cork, Ireland, when we were there I wrote management and said that I was super impressed with the Microsoft team in Ireland and Clare was a big part of what impressed me.

She was the first of a string of women Maryam and I would meet that just impressed us both. From Anina, the model blogger, to Rebecca McKinnon, the former CNN correspondent who now is working to change the world rather than putting pablum news on our TV screens, to many others I’ll be writing about soon.

Anyway, I just saw Paschal Leloup’s pointer to an interview with Clare. He says “In case you don’t know who is Clare Dillon, she’s the person I stay in touch almost every day regarding the organisation of community events in Ireland. Clare is surely the most dynamic person I ever met in Microsoft, and she show her ‘vavavoom’ in this interview with Damien Mulley.”

Totally agreed. The software industry needs more like Clare.


Things you won’t find on Memeorandum

Reading through my feeds tonight I saw lots of things that will never make it to Memeorandum or Digg. Small things. Personal things. Or, just cool photos like this one by Heather Champ. Or this video over on Google video of a human spiderman (actually, Irina emailed me that).

Or, how about this Xbox 360 faceplate display we spied in Paris at the very hip Collete’s? Quick, which store would you go in first (see picture)? The lingerie one? Or the one with the Xbox 360 designer faceplates?