Back home

Yesterday our pilot pointed out the huge fires near London that are still burning. It was an incredible sight from the air. I took some pics, will try to upload later.

Anyway, for the first time in months I’m caught up with email! Not tasks now, but my inbox is clean. At least for five minutes (two new emails came in while I was typing these few words. Sigh.).

I LOVE my new list of feeds. So much easier to read and so much higher quality. But, as Brad Feld pointed out, there is still bias toward certain topics. Great post Brad and I totally agree.

Other posts that caught my eye?

Eric Eggertson noticed that my co-speaker and co-author Shel Israel had apologized for our speech at Les Blogs in Paris. Yeah, we sucked. It’s my fault too, since I was driving that. I thought it would come out better than it did, but we’ll be more prepared next time.

On the other hand, the London Geek Dinner went a lot better. Thanks everyone who came and who made that night a really special one. Hugh Fraser pulled Hugh Macleod and I aside at one point and recorded a podcast.

Anyway, gotta run to work. Talk more later. Get your aggregators ready. When I start to post there’s gonna be a lot.