Goodbye Europe!

What an 18 days it has been.

While Yahoo has purchased (Yahoo is now definitely the social software leader with both Flickr and now to their name — hey, Bill and Steve, when you gonna give me the M&A checkbook?), we’ve been over here eating delicious food and drinking good wine with geeks from around the world. Last night we had bloggers from China, journalists from Silicon Valley (among other places), and friends from all over Europe meet us.

Real quick before we hop on the plane to head back home, here’s some posts that caught my eye.

Tim Scarfe snapped a bunch of photos (more than 100 showed up, MSN paid for half the bill, thanks MSN UK!). Richard Peat wrote up the event. Flickr has more photos.

I haven’t caught up to the rest of my trip, either. David Boschmans writes up the Belgium geek dinner we had the other night. That was a lot of fun too! Joris Poelmans has more. Coolz0r has even more (and some sweet photos of Maryam and me). Cindy De Smet has a nice writeup too.

Wim Verhaeghen reports on the presentation I gave to Microsoft’s Belgium employees.

Most fun thing about last night? Ben Metcalfe (yeah, the guy who got in a dustup with Mena Trott at Les Blogs) was there and Jo Twist was handing out buttons that said “this is bulls**t” in honor of the now-famous interchange between the two of them. The buttons were in hot demand and will probably quickly be sold on eBay for at least $2. 🙂

I told Ben he could call me names anytime. Heck, it might be good for traffic.

Anyway, I have a TON of blogging to do. But first we have to go off to the airport.

Thanks to everyone in Europe who treated us so well! It really was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Can’t wait to come back.

If you were at any of our geek dinners, presentations in Europe, or other events in our travels in Europe and wrote it up, or took pictures, can you trackback to this post or post your URL in the comment area here? Thanks!