Subverting Power Structures

We just arrived in London and I checked out Dave’s blog and he has an interesting post where he disagrees with Tara Hunt’s point that blogs subvert power structures. Oh, watch your language Tara! I tried to subvert Microsoft and now I’m working for them. So, who subverted who? Anyway, I mention this cause Maryam and I are having dinner with Tara and Hugh Macleod and a few others.

What are blogs for? Well, reading the thoughts of my friends around the world, of course! It’s very strange being in London, reading Dave, having dinner with Tara, it’s like I have a front-row seat for all the cool dramas on the blogs and I ain’t giving it up.

We’re off to see the Tate Museum.


Bit twiddler alert

One more post before we head off to the train to London. If you are interested in next-generation computer science concepts, you might check out the video that Charles Torre did with the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime team (I played camera boy). This team is smart. I think my IQ went up a point just by being in the same room.

They are trying to make programming for multi-core processors a lot easier.

Off to London, come to the geek dinner tomorrow

The geek & blogger dinner is still open tomorrow. You’re invited! Damn, I have about 500 things to blog but no time.

At last night’s geek dinner, some photos here (by Coolz0r), Mena Trott was certainly the topic of conversation. It’s real interesting how a talk at a small conference can be discussed around the world (people in five countries have sent me email asking about what happened). For the record, I wasn’t there, I slept in that morning. Shel, my co-author, told me all about it (he stuck up for Mena and for civility).

Personally, I’ve found that trying to tell people who aren’t nice to do anything is just an exercise in futility.

Anyway, we had a great time in Brussels, more later if I can get a few minutes away from our busy schedule.