Geek dinner in Brussels tonight, some of our pictures from Europe

Looking forward to meeting a crowd of geeks tonight in Brussels. Maryam and I just bought a bunch of chocolates. Yummy.

Last night I had mussels. Yeah, mussels in Brussels. They were yummy, here, have some.

In Paris the other night Maryam was especially radiant. Cool trick with slow flash and spinning the camera.

Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati, and I were partying way too late into the evening in Paris. We were out with a bunch of these guys who invited us out to a Paris geek dinner. Can you pick out the VC in that crowd? Someone give us names!

Just to prove I did have dinner with a real live model, here’s a picture I took of Anina¬†and another where I’m in a picture with her and my wife is between us. Heheh. Actually, Maryam and her became good friends. When we were leaving they were literally dancing in the aisles together. I’ll leave that image in your heads.

OK, now, some of you said I needed a soul. So, the other night, we visited Mass at Notre Dame. Even if you aren’t religious, this is a must-see experience (you can walk around the whole church while they are holding mass — the music is incredible and the accoustics must be experienced). Lighting a prayer candle is a spiritual experience.

Just to bug those of you who can’t believe I actually look at computers at famous museums around the world, here’s a picture of one of the Windows terminals at the D’Orsay. Of course, for those of you who think I have no class, we also checked out the Van Gogh’s too!

More fun stuff soon. Having way too much fun in Europe. Off to the geek dinner…


In Brussels, Microsoft Local goes live

I just gave a talk at Microsoft in Brussels, gotta go, there’s never enough time. I have TONS of reports to give. We’re having a great time. Anyway, just saw on Vik’s blog that Virtual Earth is now Windows Live Local and has some cool new features. We’ll have a video up on Channel 9 around mid-day today. Here’s the video of the team showing off the new features on Channel 9 (cool photography, directions, and more).