My surreal life #532

How surreal is my life? Last night I was at Marc Canter’s dinner (he’s the guy who founded Macromind that later became Macromedia) and last night who was sitting next to me? Three beautiful women. OK, my wife was one of them. But, the other was Anina who is a fashion model here in Paris and her friend.

Now, for a geek, this is quite a treat, but Anina isn’t just another pretty face. She’s a geek too and is starting a whole business around that fact. She writes about the dinner on her blog.

The experiences here are just unbelieveable. Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati just walked in.


Welcome to Les Blogs

25 countries. 400 attendees. I’m sitting next to Loic Lemeur, organizer of the conference. What an honor to speak to this audience. What a city! More on that later. I was off of the Internet all weekend, which was just fine because we’ve been enjoying this great city. The Technorati tag is “lesblogs.”

The conference is already done right. We arrived here to find power strips and great wifi. Lots of people blogging, so follow along!