Off to go to Dublin, Disconnects between Blogosphere and Real World

Sorry for not posting anything worth reading the past few days, but it’s hard to write when you have to steal away 10 minutes on the computer. Every day is just so packed. We’re about to leave for Dublin, looking forward to it. 

Yesterday in Cork had tons of wonderful conversations.

35 people showed up for the geek dinner last night and it was wonderful. The Irish people are so warm and fun! Not to mention the Murphys was being poured at a good rate. Last night at dinner I sat next to Clare Dillon. She works at Microsoft in the evangelism group. Wait a second, she works for Sanjay too?

Yet another reminder of just how big Microsoft is. I have coworkers all over the world I’ve never met. In just my group.

Two reminders from yesterday is just how different the tech blog world is from the real world. Steve Gillmor and I argue about this lots. He thinks the world is changing faster than it really is. That’s cause we both hang out on Memeorandum all day long and see the bleeding edge of change.

The two reminders were that most of the audience doesn’t use RSS and last night at dinner Clare told me about the VS/Biztalk/SQL Launch Events they’ve been holding in Ireland. Most of them have been standing room only (they are holding another one today in Cork, Ireland). I’m hearing the same from coworkers around the world. Yet the bloggers don’t generally talk about VS/Biztalk/SQL.

This makes me wonder about other disconnects between the blogs and the real world. Are you seeing any?