Hand over my feed’s numbers, Jarvis says (I agree)

Oh, I agree with this: Hand over my numbers, cries Jeff Jarvis. Turns out most of the online aggregators are caching RSS feeds and aren’t reporting how many people are subscribing.

By the way I’ve cleaned out A-S in my RSS feeds. Should be done within the next couple of hours. The resulting set of feeds is a lot nicer!


These companies should fire their Webmasters

I missed this a few weeks ago, but only four of the 30+ companies that were showing at the Under the Wire conference had RSS feeds.

Let me repeat my famous line one more time. If you don’t have an RSS feed for your marketing site you should be fired. Yes, there are plenty of marketers at Microsoft I give this kind of heck to (the number of Microsoft product sites without an RSS feed is depressing), but to be a startup without an RSS feed? Why are you trying to cripple yourself so badly right out of the gate? You don’t have Gates’ money to survive. You need to do EVERYTHING you CAN to get noticed!

Thanks to Cori Schlegal for pointing that out. The four companies? Central Desktop. Oversight Systems. SXIP. Zimbra.