A pint of Sams…

So, my brother Keyvan and I headed into Newport’s downtown. On the way there, he showed me the bus system’s new features. Each bus has eight hidden video cameras. Watch what you do on the bus system here! Anyway, the driver heard we were heading for Murrenger’s pub and he said “have a pint of Samuel Smith’s.” That sounded like a good goal for the afternoon.

While there, we met up with Robert Gale. Later James Mahoney and a couple of coworkers showed up. He works for Udex, they have a corporate blog here (they focus on the Product Data Quality area, basically they clean data before it gets into databases. Think about all the ways, for instance, that people could spell L’Oreal. PDQ’ers figure out ways to make all the misspellings point to the same thing).

Anyway, having a delightful time in Newport. Hope you’re having a good time too. We’re going back out for some more Samuels! 🙂

Update: Matthew Fortunka has pictures and report. Damn, forgot the Nine Guys (I have a bunch, but forgot to bring them to the pub).