The non-GYM plan

I’m going to try to get back to talking about non-GYM (Google/Yahoo/Microsoft) sites — even my coworkers were saying that my writing was more interesting when I did that. But, let’s just get the Xbox stuff out of the way. Michael Gartenberg has some, including a link to the controversial “guns” commercial that the team decided not to run on TV. Memeorandum has the rest. My college friend Nick Paredes says “The game itself was phenomenal. You could see the sweat on the players faces. The graphics were so incredible it was like watching a real football game.”

On other Microsoft stuff. Christopher Byrne defends Microsoft against a new book named Phishing Exposed.

SQL Down Under has a podcast with A.C.M. Turing Award winner and Microsoft Distinguished engineer Dr Jim Gray discussing the Future of SQL Server.

Sam Ramji of Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team interviewed me about what I see happening in Enterprise Mash-ups. Of course, that got Harry Pierson, an architect at Microsoft, to say “I hate the term mashup.”
Oh, heck, since I’m pimping myself out here, let’s put in a couple of book things too.

Lance Dutson, of Maine Web Report, just gave us a glowing review and Tom Raftery interviewed Shel Israel, my co-author on our book. Shel’s a lot more interesting than I am. He’s been a Silicon Valley startup/PR guy for decades. Helped get Creative Labs, Napster, and now Riya off the ground.