#69: Jeremy Pepper on Web 2.0 bubble

Ahh, the bubbling keeps on happening, this time Jeremy Pepper asks questions about the Web 2.0 exuberance. Heck, let’s just call it a bubble, OK? Last time I called something a bubble (the Silicon Valley housing market) the prices just kept going straight up (the Mercury News now reports that the median price of a home in Santa Clara is more than $700,000 — when I lived there three years ago it was less than $500,000).

So, let’s call it a bubble. Let’s throw wild, exuberant, parties and have wild wild fun.


The TechCrunch style of party isn’t anything like the Industry Standard party. Heck, it isn’t even close to the shindig we throw at the PDC every year where we take over Universal Studios. Now THAT is a party!

Update: I’m really sorry for misspelling Jeremy’s name.