Sam Ramji opens SaaS program at Microsoft

Sam Ramji says “the complaints department is open.” Heheh! Oh, Sam, you have no idea. It’s been open for years. But, it’s good to see Sam and others pay attention to the emerging business space (cough, developers who are firing Microsoft cause we’re too expensive, too hard to deal with, etc).


Om wonders if Microsoft will kill Mac client of FolderShare

Om Malik wonders if Microsoft will kill the Mac client of FolderShare. Hey, Om, if we do something stupid like that I’m gonna throw a chair.

I actually want to see MORE investment in the Mac space, not less. Why? Cause many of the influentials are using Macs (you only need to look around at a blog conference or an O’Reilly conference to see that’s true). Also, Apple’s market share is on the rise. Add those two together and we should be paying more attention, not less, to Mac users.

How do I get Scoble to link to my PR?

I’ll be honest. I’m staring at 315 unanswered emails. See, getting to the top of Memeorandum for a day increases email load. It’s not fun.

Maryam and I were at a geek party last night and someone asked how they could get me to write about them. I said “get my wife to write about you, she has more traffic than I do anyway.” Which isn’t far from the truth. She has had 30,000 unique visitors already. Amazing since she just started blogging a few weeks ago.

Anyway, if she thinks there’s something worth linking to she comes over and keeps nagging me until she gets my attention. Heh. It’s a new kind of attention trust.

This morning? She was asking me to link to her post about the Best of MSDN’s Webcasts. Hey, what am I going to do, turn down my wife?

Not to mention MSDN’s Webcasts are free, interactive, and have many of the world’s best developers presenting new concepts and techniques. Well worth checking out and linking to.