Zvents CEO says Yahoo to open up its map API


Ethan Stock, CEO of Zvents, says that Yahoo is telling him that tomorrow they’ll take the limitations off of Yahoo’s mapping APIs. If that’s true, I have to really thank Yahoo for doing this.

Why? Well, this puts the ball squarely in our court. Er, in Virtual Earth’s court.


Oh, I like this disruption game a lot! (And, yes, we haven’t heard the last of the disruptions in the mapping and advertising and services businesses. Not by a long shot. The mapping game is just getting started and will be going for years.

Next up on the disruption schedule? Gillmor Gang, tomorrow. I wanted to take the day off of blogging and all this stuff but I keep getting disrupted. Heheh.

Another disruption? Microsoft is starting to do acquisitions again. Alex Barnett covers our acquisition of FolderShare.


More disruption from Google: it’s patenting attention data display

Is your attention important? Google is patenting the display of it, the search engine journal is reporting today.

Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft, we better pay attention to this stuff! Steve Gillmor, we gotta get into AttentionTrust.org and figure out how to deal with attention data and make sure that customers and developers can build attention applications without paying Google.

Why is that important? Well, imagine a world where the map component, the advertising component, and other components on your Web page report back to Google what you are giving your attention to (and they will, I guarantee that!)

Then, who will be able to display the results of where you gave your attention? Only Google.

Nicole gets it (if we both don’t win, she ain’t gonna play)

Nicole Simon gets it: Let’s work on models where we both win, and I will play with you.

Michael Gartenberg has a post where you have to look at it sideways and blink three times to get what he’s saying: When perception is reality or is seeing really believing?

Oh, yeah, when you’re being disrupted but you know it, are you really being disrupted at all? Hmmm.