Arrington, at TechCrunch, likes the MSFT gadgets the best

Arrington just posted his review of the Microsoft news today. He was most excited by the gadgets. That’s what gets me too!

A few weeks back I interviewed the team that was doing the gadgets. That really is a significant part of the Live announcement that was made today. Imagine tons of gadgets that do interesting things. You can put them on your desktop. Or on Or on your sidebar.


“I made a wrong mistake,” Fugere says

Remember Brian Fugere? He’s the guy who said I should be fired last week in a speech at Microsoft’s campus. Well, today we had a very nice talk. He called to apologize. Said he did more work to see what kind of impact I, and the other bloggers here, have had. A few minutes ago he left a message in my comments where he explained more.

He still disagrees about whether I should take on Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates. I can see his point, which he makes here: “The problem is when technical evangelists get themselves confused with founders and CEO’s. So when Scoble rails against MS for their anti-discrimination policy (for example), he’s a rogue voice (regardless of how you feel about the issue) who happens to have an oversized megaphone.”