I totally screwed up on post about BlogTronix

Yikes. Sometimes I just do something very stupid. Hey, keep it quiet Goebbels, I know you think I’m stupid on every post. But, this time I overdid myself. I saw BlogTronix on the weekend and linked to another company. I’m very impressed with BlogTronix’ stuff. It lets you do a site much like Channel 9 with video, audio, blogs, wikis, and more.

 Anyway, here’s my fixed post.

New Memorandum stance, BlogTronix impresses

I’m going to make a real effort not to link to anything that’s already on Memeorandum. Why? Because that way new things will show up on Memeorandum. Sorry, Shelley Powers, that means I won’t link to you today either. ;-) (Which is a bummer, cause she made some good points about Memeorandum’s bias).

But, yesterday at the Blog Business Summit I saw two things that really are interesting. Here’s why. When I go to companies to speak, they keep asking me “how do I do something similar to Channel 9.” That isn’t easy. We had two developers working on that for quite a while. They started with Community Server from Telligent (Microsoft’s employee blogs are run on top of Community Server — we have more than 2,000 now and a TON of traffic, so it holds up very well. The new Xbox.com forums are built on top of Community Server as well). Our tech team on Channel 9 (Charles, Brin, Adam, and Jeff) mashed in video components and a Wiki and other stuff and then hacked the heck out of it to make it Channel 9. I’ve been hoping that a company would come out with a set of tools/service that would make it possible to do a Channel 9 style site.

BlogTronix is the answer. It’s awesome. Has all that and more (and has security built in so you can blog both internally and externally very easily). I’m going to get a test blog there and will write more after I actually can try it out.

The other thing that Steve Broback showed on stage was FeedFire. It lets you build RSS feeds out of sites that don’t have feeds. Steve writes about that tool here.

Update: I totally messed this post up, so here’s the fixed post.

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