WordPress.com has annoying IE bug

Everytime I want to make a link in WordPress.com it gives me a script error. Anyone know what’s up with that? It doesn’t give me an error in Firefox. No other blogging engine gives me an error when trying to build a link in IE. Hey, Matt, what’s up with this?

Update: I didn’t realize it, but Firefox is firing an error too. I went to Tools/Javascript Console in Firefox and there’s a bunch of errors there. 


Jakob Nielsen gives us blog design advice

Jakob Nielsen lists 10 design mistakes that bloggers make. I make three of them here (I don’t have my own domain name, my calendar is my only navigation, my classic hits are buried, and I don’t have an author biography).

Well, actually, I have a page over on Wikipedia that folks setup for me (I haven’t yet entered anything on this page).

I’m working on the domain problem. Matt, if you’re reading this, it’d be really great if you could give your WordPress.com service users the ability to have their own domain names (keep in mind that WordPress.com is different from WordPress, the tool).

Also, I’m working on a directory of my first five years of blogging. I want to have that ready by my fifth blogging birthday on December 15. I’m using Dave Winer’s OPML tool to make an OPML directory of my favorite posts.

My wife is addicted to blogging

I come home and what does Maryam, my wife, say? “I’ve gotta post to my blog.” Everytime I talk with her she’s bragging about getting trackbacks or comments. Now she’s downloading an RSS aggregator — all on her own.

It’s very weird being the one trying to tear her away from the computer. Her blog, named Maryamie, is really great (it should be, she graduated with honors in English from Cal Berkeley).